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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Jing Yi Lin

Jing Yi Lin, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
National Taiwan University Cancer Center, Taiwan
Title : Effect of combined social communication platform in breast cancer patients


Purpose/Background: In Taiwan, breast cancer is the first common cancer among women. Patients who were usually feeling anxious when they were newly diagnosed with breast cancer. Information explosion and incorrect information also can lead them to confuse awfully. Owing to limitations of medical environment, that’s difficult which provide complete information and respond to them immediately. 
Methods: Discussed with the breast cancer team members, then combined social communication platforms to establish an immediate response system and continuous cancer nursing care for patients. Itemize four categories: pre-operative preparation, post-operative care, side effects of chemotherapy, and hospitalization issues aimed at common problems. It can reply with artificial intelligence (AI) alternatives used in medical members’ non-duty time to avoid missing the patients' questions. Enrolled patients who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer and using the social communication platform starting in November 2021. After 9 months (September 2022), investigated patients to fill out the questionnaire. Then 276 questionnaires were distributed. Based on the calculation of the confidence interval of 95%, the sufficient number of samples is within ±10% of the surveyed value, needed for recoveries of 72 questionnaires at least.
Results: Therefore, 78 questionnaires were recovered and analyzed. 51.3%(n=40) completely agree with the content is enough to help them resolve common problems during treatment. 67.9%(n=53) completely agree with the convenience of social communication platforms. 67.9%(n=53) completely agree in confidence with reduced anxiety during treatment. 78.2%(n=61) of the patients completely agreed for the social communication platform is necessary and helpful.
Conclusions: In the research, it can establish immediate communication with patients, enhance the quality of nursing care and increase information correctness. In addition, can reduce their feeling of anxiety. Expected that can be used widely in different attributes of cancer patients. Helping them be able to deal with medical problems immediately, create an excellent medical environment.

Audience Take Away Notes: 
• Combining social platforms with cancer care to provide ongoing, immediate care for cancer patients
• Reduce the burden on clinicians to make phone calls with patients. Committed to clinical care to improve the quality of clinical care
• Thereby reducing the uncertainty of cancer patients in the treatment process and providing correct nursing care information


Ms. Jing-Yi Lin studied Nursing at the Chang Gung University of Science and Technology and graduated as Bachelor in 2012. Afterward, devoted herself the clinical nursing care in emergency transport and trauma wards for 8 years. The obtained license as Nurse Practitioner in 2020. Currently working as a nurse practitioner in the oncology surgery ward of National Taiwan University Cancer Center. Among them, the article "Using Multimedia to Improve the Established Nurse-Patient Relationship" was published at the 2016 ICN Conference. In 2018, she was awarded the honor of excellent poster publication by the Taiwan Society of Evidence-Based Medicine and Nursing.