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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Prabha Grace

Prabha Grace, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
Carmel College of Nursing, India
Title : Effectiveness of video assisted comprehensive teaching program on knowledge, stigma, compliance and life coping mechanism among the tuberculosis patients


Introduction: Tuberculosis (TB) is a major public health problem and ninth leading cause of death worldwide. It is one of the most worrying infectious disease in the under developed countries. Diagnosis and treatment of those who are transmitting mycobacterium tuberculosis is very effective in tuberculosis control strategy. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the effectiveness of booklet and video assisted teaching programme on knowledge, stigma, compliance and life coping mechanism among tuberculosis patients using bio chemical and physiological variables. The objectives were To compare the effectiveness of booklet and video assisted teaching programme on knowledge, stigma, compliance and life coping mechanism among tuberculosis patients. and To compare the effectiveness of booklet and video assisted teaching programme on biochemical and physiological variables among tuberculosis patients.
Research Approach: A quantitative research approach was used.
Settings: TB Units of Karuvelippady of Ernakulam District, Kerala.
Research Design: A comparative quasi experimental pre test and post test design was used for this study. Sample size: All TB patients who fulfill the inclusion and exclusion criteria were selected by simple random sampling technique. Each group consisted of 40 participants.
Pre test data collection: Assessment of demographic, disease and social characteristics, knowledge questionnaire, stigma scale,  compliance check list, life coping questionnaire, biochemical parameters (HB, ESR, SpO2) and physiological parameters (SBP, DBP, Temp, Pulse, Res and WT).
Intervention: Booklet was given to all patients in the ‘B’ group, VAT was given to all patients in the ‘V’ group and Booklet + VAT were given to all patients B+V group. Booklet and VAT contain definition of TB, types, causes, factors and mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment by DOTS, Diet in TB, preventive methods, and mindful breathing exercise.
Post test data collection: Post test 1 was collected after 15th day of the intervention by using same tools used in the pre test and post test 2 was done on 45th day only in biochemical and physiological variables in all three groups. Data analysis and interpretation was done by descriptive and inferential statistics- Kruskalwallies one way ANOVA on Ranks, Willcoxon signed Rank test, One way ANOVA and One way RM ANOVA, percentage, and Chi square.
Results: All the three groups showed significant difference in the knowledge when compared to the pre-test. (p < 0.001). but all the three groups not shown any significant difference in stigma of TB patients when compare to the pre-test. (p< 0.001) and in the life coping. Most of the patients from three groups 90% to 97.5% had agreed that TB medication will heal the disease faster. More than half of the patients had improved knowledge regarding the resistance to drugs if they miss the doses of medications.
Conclusion: This video assisted comprehensive teaching program helped to improve knowledge (p < 0.001), reduce stigma (p < 0.05) and increased life coping mechanism (p < 0.01) among TB patients.

Keywords: Tuberculosis, Video assisted comprehensive teaching program, Knowledge.


I am Prof. Dr. Prabha Grace CMC belongs to the Congregation of Mother Of Carmel, Ernakulam, Kerala. At present I am working as the Principal of the Carmel College of Nursing, Nalammile, Aluva, Kerala, India. I obtained my Master of Science (Medical Surgical Nursing) from CMC Vellore, Chennai, in 2006. And PhD in 2019 from Saveetha University, Chennai. I am a member of the inspection committee of Kerala Nursing + Midwives council and Kerala university of Health Science Thrissur.

I am a reviewer of many National and International journals and also published many articles in different journals. I have facilitated many conferences and workshops at the state and National level. I have 25 years of working experience in different fields of clinical education and research.

I am a resource person for motivation classes in schools, seminaries and an active member of Jesus youth activities. Also I have written book about Mother Mary – “Marian Feasts”  and St. Joseph,”Oliminnum Tharakam”.