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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Elvessa Narvasa

Elvessa Narvasa, Speaker at Nursing Conferences
Quebec CCN, Canada
Title : Emerging paradigm of patient care in the age of wearable technology


Advancement in technology changes the world in a warp speed. Wearable devices holds great potential in reshaping the health provision and has a positive impact on the wearer’s health. We are seeing growing numbers of users actively changing their behavior for the better with the adoption of wearable devices. Integrating them in our lifestyle enhances the quality of life, improves healthcare delivery and medical education.
Wearable devices have evolved and there is an increasing interest in their application in medical settings. It can Provide information on patient’s behavior like blood pressure, breathing patterns and blood glucose levels. It can also generate signals detecting activity. Wrist-worn accelerometers assist in the evaluation of sleep quality in healthy subjects as well as in in-patient and ICU settings where poor sleep has been linked with adverse outcomes. There are also wearable devices that can provide information on heart rhythm. Frequent heart rate tracking as a means of enhancing routine monitoring for early detection may enable the wearer to seek medical guidance, otherwise these conditions would likely go undetected for some time. This can also be a component of an early warning system to detect clinical deterioration for patients with chronic diseases. Furthermore, it could enable detailed and near-continuous characterization of recovery following critical illness. It is a means of recording useful information and incredible amount of data.
Advancement in the area of wearable systems will continue to transform and enhance the quality of our care. Responsive patient care, challenges and opportunities, and future innovations will be explored in this presentation.
In the near future, Healthcare providers, will inevitably care for patients with wearable technology.


Prof. Elvessa Narvasa has completed Master of Science in Nursing from Montreal University, Canada. PH.D. She is the Provincial Director of Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses. Served as Co- President of Quality Assurance; Team Leader for Hospital Accreditation, Founder of ICU Intermediary care. She had been selected to write the exam for Cardiovascular Certification by the Canadian Nurses Association. Furthermore, she does both in-service as well as invited nurse educator of different hospitals ICU-CCU; PACU/OR and Consultant of College Nursing Faculty. Organizing committee executive of International Society of Pituitary Surgeons; Multidisciplinary Perioperative Medicine, Montreal University. Invited speaker of Quebec Intensive Care Association as well as 2018 -2019 Keynote speaker of International Healthcare Conferences; Honourable Chief Guest of Colloquium World Nursing Conferences; 2019 International RFCCN. SAARC, Critical Care Society. Chairperson, United Research Forum since 2020. Moreover, an International Virtual and physical Conferences keynote and plenary speaker 2020 till present 2023 organized by different groups worldwide.