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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Mary Anbarasi Johnson

Mary Anbarasi Johnson, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
CMC Vellore Dr MGR Medical University, India
Title : Innovations in pediatric intensive care - A nursing perspective


Pediatric Critical care nursing is a specialty within nursing that deals specifically with human responses to life-threatening problems. What is the responsibility of critical care nurse? Critical Care Nurses are responsible for making sure that critically ill patients and members of their families. Many innovations have been taking place in PICU and this articles discusses few of them in series one and in the following series which will be discussed in the next article. Innovations are part of life in every field and more so in the health care field. Innovations are mandatory in Pediatric Intensiver care setting in order to promotre patient safety, satisfaction and provide cost effective care. Follwoing are few innovations tried in some PICUs and they work well. Innovations like family centered care, use of advanced technology, rhobotic nursing, individualized care,evidenced based care, problem based learning in PICU, patient safety, quality assurance emphasis, advanced patient monitoring, telecommunications, use of pediatric early warning scores, triaging etc  Pediatric nurses play a vital role in incorporating innovations in to practice so that theory can be translated in to practice. Patient safety and nursing care excellence is a well emphazized concept and therefore to, promote nursing care excellence nurses must be empowered to bring in innovations. Small or major projects can be adapted to find evidence for practive. Innovations promote patient satisfaction aswell staff satisfaction.


I am Mary Anbarasi Johnson  working as a professor and Head in pediatric nursing department, CMC Vellore. I worked as Clinical Nurse Specialist in PICU for a year and  as Assit Professor in USA for two years. I also worked in administration in  nursing, in Saudi Arabia Defence Sector. CMC gave me opportunity to be Master trainer for International Projects like GFATM, IMNCI at national level as well national projects like ICMR Infection control, Child Sexual Abuse Protection ,OSCE by Dr. MGR Medical university as well Diabetic Educators programme etc. It also gave me opportunity to be examiner or paper setter for various levels of nursing students for 6 universities and inspector for Dr. MGR Medical University. I am very much interested in reviewing articles. I have published in 70 national, international journals and presented in around 30 national and international conferences. I have also contributed for 5 book chapters and is working on publishing a book soon. I have served in CMC Vellore as addl. Deputy Nurisng Superintendent for staff training and quality assurance as well in CMC Instituitional research board as a member for a term of 4 years. I am reviewer or editorial member or advisory member in more than  50 international journals. I am also a reciepient of President”s Gold medal for standing first in the university for Bsc.N programme. I give all thanks to Lord Jesus Christ who is the reason for my living. I am indepted to my family, teahcers and friends for their encouragement and support and particularly to CMC Vellore which has mentored me.