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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Elizabeth N Kangoya

Elizabeth N Kangoya, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
University of Namibia, Namibia
Title : Investigation on the challenges experienced by student accoucheurs during clinical placement in maternity ward: A case study of unam southern campus students


Midwifery has a long history of being seen as a female- only profession. However, nursing and midwifery have evolved to incorporate males over time. Even though some men have performed care responsibilities from the profession's inception, nursing has traditionally been a female-dominated profession. The study aimed at investigating the challenges experienced by student accoucheurs in maternity wards at Southern Campus Keetmanshoop. A quantitative study as data was interpreted in statistical form using the descriptive exploratory. Data was entered and analyzed using Microsoft Excel. A response rate of 80% (n=24) was achieved. The population of respondents was male student nurses only from 2nd year to 4rth year. The results showed that, female nurses prefer working with female students rather than male 58%. Furthermore, Maternity ward nurses often chase male students out of maternity wards 83%. The highest number of respondents with an average of 49 % confirmed that there are indeed challenges faced by student accoucheurs and factors contributing to them. Not all the respondents agreed a few gave negative responses. The study therefore concludes that there are indeed challenges faced by student accoucheurs such as being chased out of maternity wards by nurse managers, female nursing student preferences, critics and unacceptance of student accoucheurs by expectant mothers furthermore the research findings also outlined factors contributing to these challenges such as cultural believes, gender inequality low self-esteem towards student accoucheurs.

  • The study findings are aimed at informing the Ministry of Health and Social Services on how to improve the practicing experience of student accoucheurs and to ensure that the student accoucheurs receive the best quality training.
  • The results could also inform the Universities on how to best prepare student accoucheurs to practice in maternity wards, as well as to overcome the challenges that they might encounter during their training.
  • This study might also serve as a foundation to other researchers who want to improve and come up with solutions on how to overcome challenges faced by student accoucheurs.
  • It also aimed to provide awareness to the society, nursing council and other health related departments on what student accoucheurs are going to encounter during clinical placement in maternity ward.


Ms. Elizabeth N. Kangoya studied Nursing at the University of Namibia and graduated in 2005 with a Diploma in comprehensive Nursing and Midwifery. She started working as a Registered Nurse in the State facilities in Namibia at the same time doing a Bachelor of nursing Advance Practice. She later worked as a Registered Nurse at a Private Hospital in Namibia. In 2015 she joined the University of Namibia as a Clinical Instructor. She obtained a Master of Nursing Science at the same institution and was further promoted to Lecturer position in 2021. She has published 2 research articles in Scientific journals.