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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Lenka Gutova

Lenka Gutova, Speaker at Nursing Conferences
Central Military Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic
Title : No smoking policy in central military hospital Prague


The aim of the presentation is to share the experience of implementing the rules of a non-smoking hospital in practice among patients and staff of the Central Military Hospital in Prague (CMH Prague). CMH Prague participating in the "International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Service Organizations" it helps implement the health promotion process for patients and employees in order to gain more control over their own health and contribute to its improvement. In year 2018 CMH Prague became the eighth hospital in the Czech Republic included in the National GNTH Network of the Czech Republic, informally referred to as the network of non-smoking hospitals. This program brings together medical facilities with the intention of fighting smoking, as the most significant preventable cause of mortality and morbidity of the population. Worldwide, this initiative is covered by the so-called Global Network for Tobacco-Free Healthcare Services, which currently consists of 24 sub-networks from 16 countries. The CMH Prague is aware of the negative impact of smoking, especially in the area of health risks. We try to motivate our patients and employees to stay abstinent from nicotine and, of course, also to stop smoking, or to stop using nicotine in other forms (nicotine sachets, etc.). A specific part of the program is the smoking ban for patients in the CMH Prague psychiatric department.


Mgr. Lenka Gutova, MBA, LLM is the deputy director of non-medical healthcare professions and quality management in the Central Military Hospital in Prague. She has been working as the deputy director for more than twenty years. On top of that, she is also active as an assistant professor at the 3rd Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, specifically at the Institute of Nursing. She has played a vital role in improving the quality and safety of health services in the Czech Republic.