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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Gizem Acikgoz

Gizem Acikgoz, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
Istanbul Kent University, Turkey
Title : Nurses' views on autonomous behaviors regarding professional roles


Professional autonomy in nursing means making independent decisions in accordance with professional basic principles and rules, professional practice standards and legal regulations related to the profession in professional practices, the basis of which is care. Professional autonomy in nursing improves the clinical results of caregivers, ensures the continuity of nursing care and patient safety, and increases the quality of nursing care. In order for nurses to be successful in their professional autonomy behaviors, they need to know about autonomy and how they can act autonomously in their own profession. The research was conducted in qualitative research design in order to determine nurses' views on autonomous behaviors regarding their professional roles. The research was conducted with 17 nurses works in public, university and private hospital in ?stanbul. Data were collected using the "Interview Form" consisting of 11 questions with individual in-depth interviews, The MAXQDA program was used in the analysis of qualitative data. Data were evaluated in four main themes: “professional autonomy”, “professional autonomy in nursing”, “individual's own professional autonomy” and “autonomy in nursing roles”. It has been determined that professional autonomy is closely related to professional regulations, professionalism, independence and responsibility, there are autonomy practices in nursing care, treatment practices, education and research, there are positive and negative situations that affect professional autonomy in nursing and there are important areas to be considered for its development. Nurses also stated the practices in which they can exhibit autonomous behavior within the framework of their professional roles. It has been observed that nurses encounter different problems and are affected by different situations while exhibiting professional autonomy behavior, and they are aware of autonomous behaviors related to their professional roles.

Audience Take Away Notes:
• Why the autonomy is important in professional nursing practice
• What is the level of awareness of nurses about professional autonomy
• What do nurses need in order to exhibit professional autonomy behavior
• What autonomous behaviors nurses exhibit in their professional roles
• How nurses see themselves in displaying professional autonomy behavior


Gizem Acıkgoz studied Nursing at the Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Ankara, Türkiye and graduated in 2008. She got her master degree on nursing management at Marmara University Institute of Health Science in 2015 and got Phd degree on nursing management at Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Graduate Education Institute in 2023. She worked as a intensive care nurse in cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit of Haydarpasa Educational and Research Hospital, İstanbul from 2008 to 2016. Then she started to work as a intensive care responsible nurse in cardiovascular surgery intensive care unit of Sultan II. Abdülhamid Han Educational and Research Hospital until 2020. Now she works as a assistant professor at İstanbul Kent University, Faculty of Health Science, Nursing Department since June 2020. She study on nursing management, nursing professionalism and autonomy, quality and patient safety in health care. She has two ERASMUS Staff Teaching Mobility experiences at University of Politecnico de Portalegre and University of St. Clement Ohridski of Bitola. She has published on SCI, e-SCI, international and national ındex. She also has more than 30 presentation at international congress and conferences.