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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Vanessa Webb

Vanessa Webb, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
Nurture Health and Care Ltd, United Kingdom
Title : Revisiting nightingale: The role of nursing advocacy and the imperative shift toward values-based care


The language we use reflects the values we have. If this argument is applied to investigations, reports and recommendations carried out in healthcare over the past 30 years we would see that technical procedural language and activity is valued and humanistic language and practice is increasingly sidelined. 

This presentation seeks to trace the historical progression of nursing theories and practice, highlighting the seminal influence of Florence Nightingale. Nightingale's foundational ethos, emphasising the nursing profession's essential role in patient care, represents a cornerstone of modern nursing. However, in the evolving landscape of healthcare characterised by an increasing emphasis on evidence-based medicine, rules, and compliance, the fundamental tenet of nursing as an advocate for the patient has experienced a subtle yet significant erosion.

This argument illuminates the critical dichotomy between Nightingale's patient-centric approach and the contemporary rule-bound model, recognising an apparent loss of the nursing role as a patient advocate. While acknowledging the benefits of evidence-based medicine in enhancing patient outcomes and quality of care, this discussion underscores the danger of allowing it to overshadow the empathetic, values-based approach embodied in Nightingale's philosophy. A harmony of perspectives needs to be sought. 

Realigning with a values-based approach in nursing is both a tribute to Nightingale's ideals and a forward-thinking strategy. This strategy ensures that nursing continues to influence patient-centred care significantly. The presentation also explores strategies for exploring and realigning perspectives such as the use of public domain reports and generative AI, supervision, mentoring and education. 

Audience Take Away Notes:

• We will share examples of where traditional evidence-based medicine has been overly dominant and this has shadowed other perspectives and reduced insight 
• We will illustrate how context has often been underappreciated in decision making
• We will provide examples of how compliance orientated service is often at odds with a values led service
• Will demonstrate that open-source generative AI can assist in developing a wider perspective and greater insight


Professor Vanessa Webb (MBBS, RGN, MSc, BSc, DLM, DFMS, FMERSA, and MFMLM). As the Co-Founder and Medical Director of Nurture Health and Care Ltd, she is dedicated to making a positive impact and supporting the educational journeys of others. Vanessa serves as the Chair of The Maslow Foundation, a visiting professor at Staffordshire University, and the research lead for UKAFN&P. Her extensive experience encompasses roles such as Medical Director of Mountain Healthcare Ltd and G4S Forensic & Medical Services. Vanessa's leadership journey emphasises values, positive role modeling, and empowering others to manage risk and uncertainty. She is also actively involved as a Trustee for Survivors In Transition and in various other influential positions.