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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Antonia Leda Oliveira Silva

Antonia Leda Oliveira Silva, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil
Title : Socio-educational activities for the elderly


This is the presentation of a program of socio-interactional activities, in compliance with the Public Policies for the Elderly, in Brazil developed at the Instituto Paraibano de Envelhecimento (IPE-UFPB): a supplementary body, linked to the Rectory of the Federal University of Paraiba. Its character is executive, advisory and of training for elderly people, with technical-administrative and scientific-academic autonomy, who seeks to fulfill the university's social role for the community, in the municipality of João Pessoa-Paraiba, in Brazil’s Northeastern region. It was created by the Resolution nº 22/2015 of the University Council (CONSUNI-UFPB) in 2015 and opened on April 26, 2019, being the first thematic institute, in this modality, in Latin America within the scope of public universities. Its mission is: to generate knowledge about aging and health; to train specialist professionals in the field of Gerontology, from an interdisciplinary perspective, qualifying them to intervene in the field of promoting the Health of the Elderly, based on a Space for Health Promotion Practices; to promote actions centered on Public Policies for Elderly Care to promote healthy and active aging; and, to act as an executive, and advisory body in the field of Aging, in addition to offering teaching, research and extension activities to the elderly in said municipality, in partnership with the Municipality and the State. It is composed of the following: Presidency and Vice-presidency; Technical-Scientific Council; Administrative Advisory, Communication Advisory and an Elderly Care Division; Secretariat; as well as the following research laboratories: Laboratory of Health, Aging and Society (LASES), which includes the Interdisciplinary Group for Studies and Research on Aging and Social Representations (GIEPERS), registered with the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) and the International Group Research in Health, Aging and Functioning (GIPSEF); Functionality, Pain and Technology Laboratory (LAFDTec); Memory and Cognition Laboratory (LAMC); Laboratory of Pre-Clinical Tests in Aging (LEPEN); Laboratory of GeroTechnology (LABGEROTEC); where the Professional Master's Course in Gerontology (PMPG) operates. At the moment, 835 seniors participate in the IPE. The Institute offers activities such as: Tai Chi Chuan; Stretching; Dance; Biodance; Bodybuilding; Postural Education; Conversation Circles; Computing; Hydrotherapy; Ground Exercise; Lectures on different themes; travel courses in English, French and Spanish; yoga; water aerobics; listening psychological; guidance on: right to health and citizenship; guidance on control and self-medication; phytotherapy; Global Assessment of the Elderly Person; cognitive activities; games intergenerational, relaxation; music and instrument lessons musicals. All activities performed look to meet the needs of the elderly population by dealing with the problems presented by this population through important benefits for quality health in promoting healthy and active aging. In addition, it is a space for research and training human resources in the field of aging with benefits for the academic community.

Descriptors: Training of Human Resources; Search; Health promotion; Healthy Aging.


Antonia Leda Oliveira Silva is a Full Professor at the Federal University of Paraíba. Nurse by UFPB; Master in Social Psychology by UFPB; PhD in Nursing EERP-USP; Post-Doctorate in Social Psychology-UL-ISCTE/Portugal; Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland; Professor of the Professional Master's Program in Gerontology-UFPB; President of the Paraiba Institute of Aging at UFPB; Coordinator of the Health, Aging and Society Laboratory; Leader of the International Research Group on Health, Aging and Social Representations; Founding Researcher of the International Research Network on Social Representations in Health - EU/Portugal; Collaborating Member of the Research Unit of the CHRC-UNL/Portugal.