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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Nataliya Petrova

Nataliya Petrova, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
I.P.Pavlov 1-st Saint Petersburg State Medical University, Russian Federation
Title : The burnout syndrome among medical personnel


One of the conditions for high quality work in any field of activity is the ability to perform it. This ability among other things requires a certain state of physical and mental health. The medical professions require a lot of dedication, both physical and psycho-emotional costs due to the complexity of tasks, diverse contacts, responsibility, risk for both patients and employees. All of the above can lead to the development of  burnout syndrome. Each professional group in health care system  has its own characteristics that can lead to the development of this syndrome, so it needs in separate study. In this paper, we studied the severity of the burnout syndrome among the medical staff of a psychiatric hospital. The severity of the syndrome was determined by the method of V.V.Boyko, which provides for the allocation of three phases: tension, resistance, exhaustion. The first is characterized by dissatisfaction with oneself, feelings, anxiety and depression; the second  - by the economy of emotions, reduction of professional responsibilities; the third – by the emotional detachment, the presence of psychosomatic manifestations. The severity of the listed phases and individual symptoms was analyzed among 119 employees (doctors, nurses, junior medical staff). In general, the syndrome was formed in 39% of employees (in 42% it was in the stage of formation, in 19% it was absent). This distribution, as well as the distribution by individual manifestations of the syndrome, differed among people of different ages and different categories of personnel. Based on the study, recommendations for primary and secondary prevention of the syndrome were developed.

Audience Take Away Notes:
The audience will learn about the  prevalence of emotional burnout syndrome in general and the severity of its individual phases and symptoms among various categories of medical personnel (people of different ages, doctors, nurses and others) working in a psychiatric hospital. In addition, various possible methods of preventing the development of this syndrome will be presented


Petrova N.G. graduated from the 1-st Saint-Petersburg State I.P.Pavlov medical university (Russia). Then she completed her postgraduate education at the Department of Social Medicine at the same university and became Ph.D. in public health and health care. She worked as an assistant professor and professor of this department. For the past 10 years Petrova N.G. is the head of the nursing department  at this university. Since 2001 she is a professor. Petrova N.G. is the author of over 600 papers in the field of public health, nursing and nursing education, and the quality of medical care.