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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Lin Yuan Chang

Lin Yuan Chang, Speaker at Nurse Conferences
Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan
Title : The impact of use "Home Health Management System" for heart failure patients


As time changes, in the era of developed technology, everyone has a smartphone to use. Therefore, the division of Heart Failure of Taichung Veterans General Hospital designed a "Home Health Management System." Coronary heart disease, valvular heart disease, myocarditis, cardiomyopathy, endocrine disease, and so on, lead to the end course of the disease to heart failure. Thus, heart failure is a global epidemic, affecting at least 26 million people worldwide, and the morbidity rate is rising day by day and is increasing dramatically with the aging of the population. How to make heart failure patients take care of themselves and prevent heart failure from getting worse is important.

Cardiac case managers visit hospitalized patients with heart failure, we provide health education and assist in the installation of the Home Health Management System(HHMS) to monitor self-weight, blood pressure, and heartbeat. The patient uploads the measured values to the cloud every day and compares the readmission rate due to heart failure in a chart review.

Beginning to investigate in August 2021, the analysis results show that the rate of rehospitalization within one year after using the HHMS is 24.6%, and 5.3% after more than twice rehospitalizations within one year. No one died. The rehospitalization rate within one year without using the HHMS was 61.1%, 19.4% were rehospitalized more than twice within one year, and 2.8% died within one year. The results of the study found that those who did not use the HHMS had a higher chance of being hospitalized again. With this HHMS, not only the heart failure care team can receive the patient's daily data but also use the red, yellow, and green lights to let patients know whether their data are normal. It can control disease and improve one's daily life. It is expected that the types, grades, and quality of life of heart failure can be analyzed in the future.


Lin-Yuan studied nursing at Hungkuang University, Taiwan, and graduated with an MS in 2021. When she graduated with a Bachelor's degree she started work at Taichung Veterans General Hospital in a medical intensive unit from 2013 to 2019. She transferred to Gastroenterology and ENT ward in 2019-2021. Be a Cardiology case manager starting in 2021. Published a poster Assessing the Effectiveness of a Clinical Handoff Training Video for New Nurses in Taiwan and an oral presentation in ICN.
Ongoing research:The relation between heart failure patients and smoking cessation. Heart Failure Patient's thoughts on hospice care.