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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Ordit E Tranto

Ordit E Tranto, Speaker at Nursing Science Conferences
Department of Behavioral Bioethics, Israel
Title : A 5-step empathetic model (5-SEM) for medical professional communication


Although empathy education for healthcare professionals is often advocated, a theoretically based measurable practical model has been missing. In this presentation, I would present a Five Stage Model for Empathetic Communication (5-SEM) and a measurement scale. The suggested measurement’s aim is to assist healthcare professionals to evaluate the effectiveness and contribution of the 5-SEM in terms of its effectiveness in improving the well-being of professionals, levels of trust, and patient motivation to collaborate. The 5-SEM is designed to become an integral part of natural communication. In this presentation, the 5-SEM model is elaborated both technically and theoretically in order to demonstrate its rationale and its mechanisms in the production of empathetic communication.


Dr. Ordit Tranto: I currently work in the ‘Department of Behavioral Bioethics’, ICB. In my last paper, I introduce a 5-step empathetic communication practical module, designed for professionals who are relationship-focused such as medical doctors, educators, managers, etc. My Ph.D. is an experimental research that examines the psychological aspects of language and cognitive compatibility. I have worked as an anthropologist in South Africa for eight years as a consultancy for NGOs and Government organizations in the creation of leadership, environment adaptation, educational zoos, and education related to women’s nutrition in the last 20 years, I have worked in academic teaching both in anthropology and psychology.