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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Prabha Grace

Prabha Grace, Speaker at Nursing Science Congress
Carmel College of Nursing, India
Title : Knowledge regarding the first aid management of seizures among college students in kerala


Seizure is one of the emerging diseases present in the world. It is the abnormal electrical activity of the brain which results in the unusual behaviors by the people. According to WHO globally an estimated 5 million people are diagnosed with the disease. And an estimated 70% will be able to live free from seizure if treated properly. Seizure is a disease that is compiled with lot of superstitions which make it difficult to provide a better cure. Because the first aid management like providing lateral position, protecting the patient out of danger, make the airway patent is done to help the people with seizure only if ‘onlookers ‘are willing to help. The current study aims to identify the knowledge level of college students about first aid management of seizure. An information leaflet was provided to upgrade the knowledge regarding the seizure and its management. [1] Purpose: The study aimed to assess the knowledge regarding the First Aid management of seizures among the college students in Kerala to develop an information leaflet. Design and Method: The descriptive study was conducted among 350 samples from the colleges in Kerala. Probability sampling technique was used and structured questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge regarding the first aid management of seizure among college students in Kerala India. The data collected were tabulated and analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: 50.6% had poor knowledge 49.1% had moderate knowledge and 3.0% had good knowledge. Conclusion: The study concluded that there is a significant relationship between gender and knowledge and majority of the samples had poor knowledge regarding the first aid management of seizure.


I am Prof. Dr. Prabha Grace CMC belongs to the Congregation of Mother Of Carmel, Ernakulam, Kerala. At present I am working as the Principal of the Carmel College of Nursing, Nalammile, Aluva, Kerala, India. I obtained my Master of Science (Medical Surgical Nursing) from CMC Vellore, Chennai, in 2006. And PhD in 2019 from Saveetha University, Chennai. I am a member of the inspection committee of Kerala Nursing + Midwives council and Kerala university of Health Science Thrissur.

I am a reviewer of many National and International journals and also published many articles in different journals. I have facilitated many conferences and workshops at the state and National level. I have 25 years of working experience in different fields of clinical education and research.

I am a resource person for motivation classes in schools, seminaries and an active member of Jesus youth activities. Also I have written book about Mother Mary – “Marian Feasts”  and St. Joseph,”Oliminnum Tharakam”.