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International Nursing Science Conference

August 21-23, 2023 | London, UK

August 21 -23, 2023 | London, UK
Nursing Science 2023

Sun Jung Park

Sun Jung Park, Speaker at Nurses Conferences
Samyuk University of Health, Korea, Republic of
Title : The types of parenting behavior of grandchildren during early childhood by paternal grandmother and maternal grandmother: Q methodological approach


Aims: Parenting by grandparents provides the emotional support for their grandchildren, resulting in the positive social and psychological development. So, The purpose of this study is to categorize the parenting behaviors of grandmothers caring for the grandchildren of infancy and childhood by applying Methodology Q, and describe and explain the characteristics of each type.

Methods: The Methodology Q, which is a research method employed to study the people’s subjective points of view, was used. Forty Q- statements (Q-samples) were derived from the Q population (Concourse) and were arranged in the order by each of 35 participants following the normal distribution grid (from -4 to +4). The QUANL program was used to analyze the data collected.

Results: As a result of this study, the 4 types of act of parenting behavior were verified among the grandmothers - 'type of parenting behavior for enhanced character,' 'type of parenting behavior for enhanced emotions,' 'type of parenting behavior for developed social skills,' and 'type of parenting behavior for enhanced health.' Based on these types, it was confirmed that the grandmothers, who are parenting their grandchildren, perceive that parenting their grandchildren to develop a good character and disposition is an important role for the grandmothers to play, while perceiving that forming interpersonal relationships, guiding on social skills, and securing health with top priority through the provision of meals and snacks for the supply of good nutrition are essential.

Conclusions: In view of such results, it was apparent that in order to enhance the parenting capacity of the grandparents, it was necessary to apply the child parenting training, education, and the intervention programs appropriate for the characteristics of each child parenting.
Accordingly, in the parenting of their grandchildren, the grandmothers ought to be required  to maintain the optimal health conditions for their grandchildren based on the accurate knowledge they are provided with, along with the education they are provided with to ensure the safety of their grandchildren’s physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. Furthermore, it will be necessary to develop the programs which help the grandparents to actively communicate with and form supportive relationships with their children, thereby ensuring that they gain positive experiences in parenting their grandchildren.